Cocktails 2 You

Flipside's Cocktails 2 You

So we now bring the cocktails to you! 

After the “destruction” of modern life on our planet due to some itsy bitsy little bundle of protein rather than a Kim, a Karen or that orange cockknobbingwomblec*nt from over the pond, we have had to close the doors at Flipside as has every other venue across the country.  These are sad times.  We are all grieving.  Many have lost people.  But we have all lost our local, our escapism, our place to relax with friends and family.  Those special places that we can eat and drink great things or even rubbish things that make us feel warm & squishy inside.  We all love a tasty beer or cocktail with some amazing food from some genius in the kitchen but you also can’t deny that feeling you get from some dirty food and bottle of Hooch!

One thing that we are missing the most at Flipside though is you.  Our customers.  Our guests.  Our friends.  Our family.  So many of you have supported over the last decade and through our CrowdFunder and we thank you from the bottom of hearts for that.  That love we felt and have been yearning for over the last 8 weeks, along with the boredom, made us create, made us innovate.  We missed making you drinks.  We missed making you happy.  We missed you. 

So we’ve built something new.  We’ve risen from the flames.  We now bring the Cocktails 2 You!

After lots of planning and figuring out the new logistics of doing this (we’re not used to having to order carboard boxes and brown tape dispensers – ours is called Dave by the way and you can see him here) we did a small family & friends test run.  We sometimes forget how many family & friends we have though.  So what was meant to be a small run ended up being nearly 500 cocktails to over 70 houses around Bristol!  Then you all went mental.  I mean cray cray.  Our social media has gone a bit Lady GaGa too.  We sold out our second week in 24 hours.  I mean sold out isn’t the right word, we just simply couldn’t process anymore orders in time.  We ended up doing 650 drinks to 100 houses.  This time though we had you placing orders from all over the country!  We had Cocktails 2 You boxes going out from Bristol to Swansea and London, Bournemouth to Birmingham.  We’ve even got an order for next week to Aberdeen!  So that meant we had to get all nationwide on the delivery.  National BABY!  That was a new one for us too.  I mean, we’ve spent the last however many years just shaking & stirring drinks whilst making sure that you’re having a good time.  Now we’re building boxes along with building drinks.  And you know what?  We love it! 

We love the feeling that we’re getting over the weekend when the social media starts coming in with so many happy posts about people drinking our drinks.  It’s not the same as seeing your happy faces when we put that gorgeous looking Porn Star down on the bar and the smile on your face when you lift your eyes up after that first sip.  But it’ll do for now.  Nothing is the same at the moment and we all have to get used to that.

We can’t wait to see you all in person again, to see that smile, to hug you and high 5 you over the bar, to try and get you to leave at the end of the night when all you want to do is “party for one more hour!”

So stay safe, stay home, stay alert (whatever the fuck that means?!?) & stay drunk by drinking Cocktails 2 You. 

See y’all on the Flipside (at your door with some PPE & social distancing of course!)


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