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Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making



Cocktail Sessions at Flipside

At Flipside we offer two different types of Cocktail Classes, a Cocktail Making Session and a Cocktail Masterclass. We love making cocktails and we want to educate the British public in appreciating and making a perfectly-balanced drink.  For those that want to try and learn a lot more about their favourite spirit and the amazing cocktails that it can create, we also have our Spirituous Sessions. 


Cocktail Making Session

Great fun and relaxed session where you can learn tricks and secret tips from the professionals. Under our expert instruction you’ll learn how to make some great classic and contemporary cocktails and any of your favourites - you obviously get to drink them as well! During the session you will get 4 different cocktails and we aim to get all those taking part up onto the bar to make at least 2 drinks of your own drinks. Please note that this is time dependent so can vary with larger groups. £35/person.


Cocktail Master Class

For those that really want to know more. With our resident Drinks Geek having over 25 years experience in the drink and cocktail industry we are able to go into a lot more depth about cocktail history and spirit production methods during this session. You will get the chance to learn how to make, and of course drink, a number of great classic cocktails and also get the unique opportunity to taste different brands alongside each other from the number of different spirit categories that are showcased in our extensive back bar.  These sessions are for those that really want to geek out! £45/person.


£35 for the Cocktail Making Session

£50 for the Cocktail Master Class


We can cater for between 8 or more people at a time and the session will last approximately 2 hours, but please feel free to contact us if the size of your group differs from this.


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Spirituous Sessions

We also do many spirit tasting session at Flipside, whisky, gin, rum, tequila, vodka etc.  But we do our spirit tasting sessions a bit differently to everyone else.  Over the many years that we have been running spirit tasting sessions and training the industry, we have found that most people don't like drinking neat spirits.  We're not really sure why, as we love a bit of neat gin!  Because of this we have brought together our Cocktail Master classes and the spirit tastings to create our Spirituous Session.  During these fantastically fun sessions we will take you through the history of alcohol and your chosen spirit along with how it has shaped the cocktail world with some very tasty creations.  After a quick welcome drink, you will get to sample 4 very different expressions (neat, but only a little bit) alongside the perfect cocktail to show to you how and why we use them in different cocktails.  

The sessions start from £35/person and go up to £50 depending on the type and quality of spirits you would like to try and of course the number of samples you would like.  We can also offer a fantastic food pairing option to go with this if you would like.  The sessions generally last about two hours, unless you get the resident Drinks Geek carried away, and are for 12 - 30ish people.  But if your group size varies then please still drop us a message.


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