Our Covid Statement

Striving to be a Covid Secure Venue


Social Distancing

All guests to adhere to 2 metre social distancing at all times. Especially when it comes to our staff. 

We have removed a great number of tables throughout the venue and reduced our inside capacity to around 30%.

All tables inside will be 2 metres apart.  In the garden we have these back to back and over a metre apart.  Please do not move the tables.

We have provided many hand sanitiser stations around the building for you so please use them.

Our requirements of our Staff

  • Temperature checking at the beginning of every shift
  • Constant Handwashing – we did this anyway but we thought we should mention it as this is why we probably won’t be wearing gloves as they give a false sense of security
  • Masks will be worn when making drinks & everywhere else we feel necessary
  • Regular toilet checks and virucidal spray will be used on all contact points
  • Tables will be cleaned with virucidal spray between each booking
  • Our Covid Officer will be ensuring that all these requirements are carried out

Guests and what we expect from you

  • Track & Trace is a GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENT.  We will be asking you to scan in using the crap NHS app that doesn't work or scan our QR code for the app that has been created by the amazing team at BARBI for many venues across Bristol.  If you don't have a smart phone then please text your name to 07907768164
  • Table booking is highly recommended and can be done though our booking form but we may still be able to take walk-ins
  • Tables can only be of 6 or less people. Inside the building these tables must be from NO more than 2 households/bubbles, but outside in the garden they can be from more than 2 households.  Please know what you need when making your booking.
  • ALL guests must stay seated at all times during their visit. Unless visiting the toilet that is
  • Masks must be worn by all when not seated
  • No guest may raise their voice to a level that would be deemed by the staff to be at a volume that would create an increase in droplets of saliva and therefore increase risk
  • Table service will be provided at all times
  • Tables will have a maximum time limit of 3 hours.  There may be a possibility to extend this on the day so please ask but we won’t be able to guarantee this when booking

When booking please respect these guidelines that have been put upon us by the Government to keep our staff & guests safe from Covid-19

Anyone not respecting these requirements will be asked to leave

Please also understand that we are an independent venue trying to adapt to the new normal.  The guidance that has been provided has not been clear.  Please feel free to read it for yourself here.  But we have been working closely with Bristol City Council who have been fantastic along with some truly amazing support from BARBI who we cannot thank enough for the hard work and guidance that they have given us and all the other BARBI venues during these strange time.  If you see something that we should know about regarding everyone’s safety then please let us know.  Don’t be a Karen and go posting it on socials without coming and telling us first.

Thank you for your support

Our Covid Statement

Striving to be a Covid Secure Venue   Social Distancing All guests to adhere to 2 metre social distancing at all times. Especially when...

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